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South Dakota Big Game

South Dakota Access Big Game Main

South Dakota’s big game hunting is a well kept secret! We offer Deer, Bison, Antelope and more including opportunities at a trophy with low or no points!


We coordinate hunting on 12+ private ranches across the State totaling around 165,000 acres and tribal hunts on 5 of 7 Lakota reservations totaling over 5 million of acres of hunting. While we can’t guarantee success, we will work hard to ensure the best experience and as many opportunities as possible. We had a 90% success rate on deer with a rifle (100% opportunity) and 100% success on archery whitetail hunts in 2022.


Big game hunts cost vary between $2750-5000 depending on species ranch, guide and dates and are priced as hunt only. Meal and lodging packages vary depending on preference and location of hunt but we have that too. 90% of our hunts are guided but we do have some scattered DIY and rancher supported hunts.

South Dakota is ripe with opportunity to kill a good one for the wall and freezer whether you have preference points or not. The State of SD offers guaranteed draw rifle whitetail only tags every year. Archery tags for “any deer” and antelope on private land and available beginning in June. Drawing a State private land rifle “any deer” tag takes at least one year of preference points. In addition, there are five late (June-July) tribal lotteries offering a decent shot to draw a mule deer rifle tag without any points. We work with a Bison ranch that offers hunts with no tags necessary at all.  Did you know that the State of SD will allow you to purchase a rifle or archery tag and then return it for a full refund of points and money if you draw a tribal tag in August? We can help you find your wall hanger this fall or down the road.


Contact us for a hunt consultation, for more information, or to book a hunt.

We will send an email and/or call deposited hunters and interested parties before and during eligible application periods based on discussed interests.


All state of SD tags can be purchased at beginning in March. Non-resident tags cost $286-560. Preference points are recommended and can be purchased online at the address above from Oct 1 – Jan 1.

  • SD West River Special Buck - WR1-01 (any deer) or WR1-11 (whitetail only)

  • SD Statewide Archery – ST1-01

  • SD General Rifle Tags by unit

  • SD Prairie Antelope by unit


Tribal Licensing: Each Tribe operates their own lottery draws and offers unique draw success statistics.



Specific hunt dates will be offered in the order that the deposits are received. Booking a spot requires a $1000 deposit as a next step. Deposits from hunters who do not draw a tag will be rolled into the following year or refunded minus a service charge. Checks can be sent to SD Access, 2501 Anthony Ave, Mitchell, SD 57301. Deposits can also be made via Venmo for or via credit card over the phone for a +2.5% charge at the number below or @SDAGS.


Contact us for a hunt consultation, more info, or to book a hunt.

Meals and Lodging Packages:

  • Details and pricing vary depending on meals, ranch, outfit, and lodging preference

  • We can make recommendations or handle everything for you depending on tags drawn

    • Airbnb’s, park model cabins, 4-season campers, resort, motel, RV pads, and more

    • $500 -650 (dbl. occ.) OR $800/hunter depending on location, meals, etc.

    • Additional deposit of $500

  • Deer Camp with host - You will stay in one of two comfortable four-season Airstream trailers for four nights at camp location depending on tags drawn. Your camp host will provide coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner for you and your crew, every day during your hunt and debone your meat for you to be packed in your cooler

    • $550/hunter based on double or triple occupancy, $900/ single hunter,

    • Additional deposit of $500


SD State Rifle Deer:

  • SD West River Rifle Deer - prices and details of specific hunts vary between ranches and outfits

    • Multiple private land options; Oglala Lakota, Bennett, Jackson, Ziebach, Dewey, Hughes, Perkins, Meade, Lyman, Hyde and Buffalo Counties

    • Hunt cost varies between properties between $3250-4500

    • Hunt only, targeting 150-170+ muley or 140+ whitetail with chance at bigger

    • No trophy fees ever

  • Premium Ranch SD Trophy Hunt targeting 170”+ muleys and 150”+ whitetail

    • Multiple large ranches in Perkins County totaling over 50,000 acres

    • Guaranteed rifle opportunity

    • $5000 – 4 day rifle hunt or 5 day archery hunt only

  • SD East River Rifle (SD residents only) – Nov 18 – Dec3

    • Well managed 5000 acre property in Roberts Co. with incredible deer genetics and management (140-170”+) 

    • 6 days and 7 nights - Day 1 being rifle qualification and scouting

    • $3495 + tax, gratuity, and license (deduct $500 if no meals or lodging)

    • $500 additional if hunting Sept 1-15 or Nov 1-15

SD State Archery Deer: 

Sept 1 - Jan 1, Guaranteed draw March 1

  • Semi-guided/DIY Jackson County private land archery hunts for muleys and whitetails –

    • 5000 acre working cattle ranch in the rugged Badlands of South Dakota

    • 5 days, 5 nights in beautiful guest house with 2 queen beds, full kitchen and bath, grill

    • $3000 rancher supported hunt, includes cabin

  • Semi-guided/DIY private land archery hunts for whitetails

    • 40,000 acres (5 ranches) in northwest SD (deer pics available upon request)

    • 5 day archery hunt only (lodging available nearby)

    • Available Sept 1 through Oct 15

    • $3250/single hunter, discount for groups of 2-3

  • Fully Guided private land archery hunts for muleys and whitetails (mostly west river, a few east river opportunities)

    • Multiple ranches and outfits in Oglala Lakota, Bennett, Jackson, Ziebach, Dewey, Hughes, Perkins, Meade, Lyman, Hyde and Buffalo Counties

    • 4-5 days hunt only

    • $3250-4000 hunt only, lodging and meal packages vary depending on ranch and outfit

  • East River archery only hunts for whitetails on three tightly managed properties, incredible deer genetics food plots, travel corridors and tree stands in Brookings, Kingsbury and Roberts Counties (140-170 in +) 

    • 6-day, 7-nights with awesome meals, bunkhouse and/or spike camp lodging

    • 6000 acres between Brookings, Kingsbury, and Roberts Counties

    • $2995 + tax, gratuity, and license (deduct $500 if no meals or lodging)

  • Horse packed backcountry archery hunts in wall tents for muleys and whitetails. This is rough country hunting for deer who haven’t encountered many people. Moderate horsemanship and a strong will are highly recommended. SD or Oglala Sioux Tribal archery tags required.

    • 5-day, 4-nights including meals, wall tent lodging in the Badlands of South Dakota

    • 22,000+ acres of private ranch land in southern Jackson County.

    • $4500 all-inclusive

South Dakota Big Game Fist Bump

Tribal Rifle Deer:

  • Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Rifle Deer

    • Season dates – Nov 4 – Dec 24

    • $3500-4000 - Hunt only (meals and lodging packages available)

  • Oglala Sioux/Pine Ridge Tribal Rifle Deer

    • Season dates – Nov 4 – Nov 19

    • $2750 - Hunt only (meals and lodging packages available)

  • Lower Brule Tribal Rifle Deer

    • Season dates – est. Nov 11 – Dec 10

    • $3500 - Hunt only (meals and lodging packages available)

  • Crow Creek Tribal Rifle Deer

    • Season dates Nov 4 – Dec 3

    • $3250 - Hunt only (meals and lodging packages available)

  • Rosebud Tribal Deer

    • Rifle season dates: Nov 11 – Nov 26

    • Archery season dates: Aug 26 – Dec 31

    • $3500 – hunt only (meals and lodging packages available)

SD State or Tribal Archery or Rifle Antelope:

  • 3-5 day SD rifle and/or archery antelope –

    • private ranch hunts for 68-79”+ goats

    • $3250 – 3800 depending on ranch and style of hunting

    • Hunt only, lodging and meal packages depending on hunt location

  • Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal antelope – 1.62 million acres

    • 3 day rifle hunt - $3500

    • 4 day archery hunt - $3500


Bison Hunts:

  • Fully-guided private ranch/preserve Bison hunts, rifle or archery, in the beautiful southern Black Hills

    • $3995 for mature cow

    • $5995 for meat bull

    • $7995 for trophy bull

    • Includes lodge accommodations, meals, field dressing and skinning

      • 72 hr butchering costs an additional $780

    • Ranch consists of 9 miles of wooded draws and a tons of game

    • No tag required, year round hunting

    • 50% deposit required

  • Pine Ridge, Rosebud Lower Brule, and Crow Creek Tribal Bison hunts

    • Details, prices and dates vary by tribe

Prairie Dogs:

  • $250/hunter/day on private land in and around the Badlands

    • Shooting mats and/or benches included

    • Season dates, group size and bag limits are unrestricted

    • Licensing covered under SD Small Game license for $121 OR $40 annually

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