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South Dakota Birds

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Access only pheasant and grouse hunt in Harding County, South Dakota - $300/gun/day for 2-6 hunters
  • Description: Rancher is very focused on big game but raises and releases pheasant chicks each spring. There are a ton of birds on this 5000-acre parcel. They do not get hunted very often but they grow wild quickly. Grouse abound as well but are cagey and hard to hunt. If you don’t want to hunt grouse, decrease price by $25/day.

  • Dates: Grouse opens September 21 and pheasant opens October 19 – November 10 and again November 25- January 31

  • Licensing: A South Dakota small game permit (non-resident for $121) is required along with a SD Habitat Stamp for $25

  • Meals and Lodging: Meals can be provided for $75/day/hunter. Simple accommodation is available for around $100/hunter based on double occupancy. Camping available


Semi-guided upland bird hunts around Fort Thompson/Chamberlain - $250/gun/day for 4-8 hunters

  • Description: Multiple properties available for hunting. Pheasants abound, but you will also see grouse and prairie chickens. Bringing your own solid hunting dog is recommended on this hunt.

  • Dates: October 19 – November 8 and again November 25- January 31

  • Licensing: A South Dakota small game permit (non-resident for $121) is required, along with a SD Habitat Stamp for $25

  • Meals and Lodging: Indian Casino lodging is available in Fort Thompson for around $125/night. It’s close to the hunting grounds. If you stay in Ft T, we can provide meals for $75/day/hunter, as there aren’t a lot of options up there. Riverfront resort lodging is available in Chamberlain available for around $300/night and all meals can be provided by the resort.

Fully guided pheasant hunts around Mitchell and Kimball, SD - $325/gun/day for 5-15 hunters

  • Can accommodate smaller groups $1300 minimum price per group.  Discounts for hunters under 18 if accompanied by responsible adult and have appropriate hunter safety documentation. 

  • Description: Multiple properties available. Includes lunch and top-notch dogs. Your dogs are welcome s long as they behave. 

  • Dates: October 19 - January 31

  • Licensing: A South Dakota small game permit (non-resident for $121) is required, along with a SD Habitat Stamp for $25

  • Meals and Lodging: Lunch is provided as part of the hunt. We can connect you with a discount at a nice local hotel in Mitchell, surrounded by places to eat and drink.

3 day fully guided pheasant hunts in Northeast South Dakota - $1800/gun for 8-15 hunters

  • Description: Three properties in three days in Brookings, Kingsbury, and Roberts County SD. Includes incredible meals and top-notch dogs. Your guide is also a restaurant/ bar owner and an incredible cook and host.

  • Dates: October 19 – November 15

  • Licensing: A South Dakota small game permit (non-resident for $121) is required, along with a SD Habitat Stamp for $25

  • Meals and Lodging: All meals are provided beginning on the evening of arrival, and the food is something to look forward to. Bunkhouse accommodations (up to 6) in Arlington SD are available $30/person. Many choose a private room in Arlington for $60-125/night.

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3 day fully guided preserve pheasant for 8-20 guns near Pierre, SD - $2350/3 birds or $2650/5 birds, walleye fishing and ice spearing available as an add-on
  • Description: 5000-acre preserve pheasant hunt including lodge accommodation, outstanding meals, and top-notch dogs. All-inclusive except license and alcohol.

  • 2024 Dates: September, December, and January

  • Licensing: A South Dakota preserve license for $65 is required

  • Meals and Lodging: Lodge accommodation up to 9 single occupancy or 13 double occupancies near Pierre, SD. 4th night of lodging is available at no charge. All meals are provided beginning on the evening of arrival, and the food is excellent.


3 day fully guided cast and blast adventure in The Black Hills of South Dakota for grouse and trout- $1250/person with a minimum of 2 people

  • Description: Chase sage grouse and trout with a permitted guide in the gorgeous central Black Hills of South Dakota west of Rapid City.

  • 2024 Dates: Grouse season dates September 21- January 5

  • Licensing: A South Dakota small game permit (non-resident for $121) is required for grouse along with a SD Habitat Stamp for $25. Non-resident fishing licenses are $67 for the year or $37 for a 3-day license

  • Meals and Lodging: Lodge, cabin, and hotel accommodations are available depending on preference. All meals can be catered to, or you can handle meals on your own.

Merriam’s Turkeys:

We have tons of Merriam’s turkeys that are destroying bales and crapping in the cow’s feed bunks across the State. These ranchers want them killed so come get some! Ask about turkey and prairie dog combos! Contact us for a hunt consultation, for more info, or to book a hunt.

Turkey Hunts – Spring 2025:

  • 3–4-day Lakota Tribal land Merriam’s turkey hunt, up to 2 birds

    • $1500/gun for 3 days (some limited hunts will cost $1750/gun)

    • $400/gun/extra day

    • $900 for private ranch or Tribal 2-day 1 bird archery or shotgun add-on

    • Guided, semi-guided or DIY

    • Meals and lodging available, costs depend on budget, single/double occupancy and location

  • 5 day spot and stalk or semi guided/DIY private land Merriam’s turkey hunt – up to 3 birds

    • $2800/gun, minimum of 2 hunters or $5000

    • Includes meals and 4-nights' turkey camp accommodations.

Florida Osceola Turkeys:

  • 3-day, 4-night Florida Osceola Turkey hunt includes 

    • $2950 for semi-guided and $3350 for a fully guided hunt.

    • Semi-guided, and fully guided hunts on 22,000 family owned ranch acres full of gobblers and pigs near Starke, FL.

    • Includes 3 days of hunting, 4 nights cabin lodging, and homecooked meals.


Spring Snow Goose Hunts:

  • Fully guided spring snow goose hunts from a heated pit in the gorgeous glacial lakes region of central South Dakota

  • $300/gun/day, 3 gun minimum

  • Meal packages and group rates available

Prang Turkey.jpg

Fall Waterfowl:

  • 3 Day 3 Night Canada Goose and Pheasant Hunt

    • Hunting: 5000 acres ++ total, 2000 acres of pheasant preserve. 3 days of shooting decoying geese from 1 or 2@ 10 man wooden pit blinds with heaters in corn and winter wheat fields. 3 bird pheasant shoot (1/2 day) in between goose hunts.

    • Lodging: In main lodge there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms sleeping 8-10 hunters. The lodge is equipped with internet, satellite TVs, comfy couches, and a 20 ft bar in a large great room. A separate mobile home offers 5 additional individual rooms with 3 bathrooms that sleeps up to 10 more.

    • Meals: Host prepared locally sourced breakfast lunch and dinners. Expect steaks, smoked brisket and  turkey, walleye, pheasant etc.

    • Transportation: Fly private into Pierre, SD. Bus transportation provided to and from Pierre Regional airport and throughout hunt.

    • Cost: 6-18 guns @ $3250/gun plus tax and gratuity

    • When: Early - mid December depending on migration

    • Where: Hughes County near Pierre, SD

    • Licensing: 3 day SD waterfowl license $84, 1 day pheasant preserve license $46

  • 3 Day 3 Night Duck, Goose and Pheasant hunt

    • Hunting: 3 days shooting decoying mallards and honkers, either on the Missouri River or in grain fields depending on scouting. 3 bird pheasant hunt on one afternoon after waterfowl hunt.

    • Lodging: A modernized, 9000 square foot lodge can accommodate up to 22 guests in 9 bedrooms with 13 bathrooms, along with lounging areas, recreation areas, and comfortable dining accommodations.

    • Meals: Host prepared locally sourced meals – eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc for breakfast. Sandwiches and soups for lunch, either in the field or at the lodge. Expect steaks, smoked meats, casseroles, walleye, pheasant etc for supper.

    • Transportation: Airport in Wessington Springs, Mitchell, or Huron SD. Bus transportation included to and from airport along with hunt transportation.

    • Cost: 6-14 guns @ $3250/gun plus tax and gratuity

    • When: Late November-December depending on migration

    • Licensing: Crow Creek tribal waterfowl tags - $100 and/or SD 3 day waterfowl - $84, SD upland game - $125

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